For five years Cystic Fibrosis has haunted Ellas little life. Most days are wonderful and fun but others are hard and tiring. At age 5 she was also diagnosed with ADHD. Share in my expirence as her mom, and see the struggles we face, and the love and fun we have.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is this you? CFun

Fatty Floater
Solid Sinkers

Halk it up

500 Pin wheels in your house

Trampoline in the living room? Sure
Only swallow 4 at a time 5 makes you choke

Bubbles the fish has a melted face from the dishwasher, whoops!
Ballet or Soccer? (Fingers crossed, soccer soccer soccer)
No more strawberries, unless you dip them in nutella!

We're at the beach! Skip the HyperSal!
You've been in there for 30min, need a few more books? Yes, I'll come keep you company, turn on the fan though.

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