For five years Cystic Fibrosis has haunted Ellas little life. Most days are wonderful and fun but others are hard and tiring. At age 5 she was also diagnosed with ADHD. Share in my expirence as her mom, and see the struggles we face, and the love and fun we have.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Did you take your enzymes?

Does this phrase haunt you? I don't even have the disorder and goes through my head about  457 times a day.
Did you take your enzymes?           Did she take her enzymes?         
Wait! Did she have her enzymes? 
I can't imagine actually having CF and hearing everyone chant this at me all day long.  As if I would need a reminder. Ella has been taking enzymes since she was days old, every single day, many many times per day. Will she forget to take them when she gets older and is managing her care on her own?  I highly doubt it. I do fear she will have resentment issues for the constant reminders I will probably be giving her. At times, I annoy myself while asking her.

Just last week I was preparing her breakfast, going through the regiment, lining up the meds in the proper order for her to packman through. She was eating her cereal with whipping cream when I shouted the infamous phrase:
"Wait! Did you take your Enzymes?"
We both looked at each other confused, because neither of us remembered what we just did 60 seconds prior. Ella's eyes were glancing at the parade of medicine lined up across the table in front of her, trying to visualize the enzymes leading the bunch. I was frantically trying to retrace my steps. Did I put them on the table?  Finally, we looked towards each other for an answer and we both started smiling until it would a full blown outburst of laughter.
Taking enzymes has become a reflex for Ella and despite my anxiety about making sure she gets them, it has become a natural thing for me, too. We were laughing so hard at ourselves because we realized: of course she took them and how could we forget? It's not like we just left our keys somewhere. I had to pry off the child(adult) proof cap and she had to swallow 3 big honking pills. It was cute seeing her laugh at herself.

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  1. Nice post. I've actually been trying to kick that habit. lol I've been trying to look for the pills on the table before I blurt out the "big" question. I'm getting better.